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Beasthood Incorporated is something I started for determined individuals who know the difference between Reasons & Excuses. Things in life will hit you at the most unexpected times and what I've noticed is that lack of Preparation is the reason we take so long to get back on track. Therefore, your biggest enemy... is You. You can now begin to sit there and think to yourself, "This negro don't know me" and come up with a billion and one EXCUSES as to why you aren't at least on the path of where you want to be, OR... you can name the very few REASONS why and then formulate a plan to overcome them. 
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Relationship Advice from someone Single? Nah...

I mean honestly, how the hell can someone who doesn't have a boyfriend/girlfriend possibly give any relevant advice to be taken seriously? I mean if you're not in the situation you can't provide intelligent input right? That's why only sick Doctors can help patients, that's why they only allow female Plastic Surgeons to give Breast Implants, that's why rich folk never listen to their financial advisers or accountants because how could they possible give them good advisement if they themselves aren't as rich as their employers, right? 

If you haven't noticed by now I'm implying you are stupid by using sarcasm. The validity of someone's advice should have all to do with the content of their advice, not the assumed position you think they are in. Good Advice is good advice no matter who gives it so don't ignore something just because your ego is too inflated to evaluate without bias, that's a mental handicap on your part. There are many people are single because they are strong enough maintain their standards instead of settling for someone beneath their requirements for the simple sake of saying "I got me a Him/Her." And furthermore, the people who made mistakes, that they learned from, will probably be able to give far better input to those in general situations then someone who has never done so. I mean how smart and quick on your feet do you have to be if you've never had anything go wrong or you've been in a long standing arranged marriage, Hmm? Keep in mind... On the road to success in whatever endeavor, Finances, Relationships, Parenting etc, its best not only to listen to those who made it with no issues, but seek those who hit potholes so that you can make attempts to avoid them or learn to bounce back. Make Sense? 

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