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Beasthood Incorporated is something I started for determined individuals who know the difference between Reasons & Excuses. Things in life will hit you at the most unexpected times and what I've noticed is that lack of Preparation is the reason we take so long to get back on track. Therefore, your biggest enemy... is You. You can now begin to sit there and think to yourself, "This negro don't know me" and come up with a billion and one EXCUSES as to why you aren't at least on the path of where you want to be, OR... you can name the very few REASONS why and then formulate a plan to overcome them. 
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pencil Art… But Not Quite What You Think


I’m not sure if you can see it clearly above but do you notice something about the 26 used and abused pencils? Yeah, those are all the letters of the alphabet whittled into the lead of these pencil nubs. Dalton Ghetti, a 49 year old  carpenter, has been using Graphite and wood as his Artistic Medium since a young school boy and hasn’t stopped. His work has been on display at New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut over the summer and his work is pretty Amazing from engraved Hearts to full Elvis sculptures Sculpture. Take a look below at a few pieces of his work.















More Pencil Art by Dalton Ghetti

August 2010 Daily News Article

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Obama Got Jokes

On Sept 23th Barack Obama spoke at the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting and borderline clowned Bill Clinton to his face. The underlying jokes to be made here are Hilarious but it's all in good fun and for a better cause.
The Clinton Global Initiative is a Worldwide Organization started by Bill Clinton in 2005 to gather multi governments along with Social/Economic Leaders around the world to address our most pressing Health, Environmental, Educational and Poverty problems. Members include a wide array of people from Celeb Athletes like Lance Armstong to CEO Billionaire of Microsoft Bill Gates and President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, all with the common goal of the Betterment of Society.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Indiana Public School System Fail

The Public School System, in an attempt to dissuade negative connotations, Paid for and got this Billboard sign posted. Look closely and see How well they did

Good Job South Bend Indiana School System, This should fix all your problems. In their defense Patrick Strickler, owner of the Blue Water Group responsible for the Billboard, has taken full responsibility for the spelling error, well Kinda. He says 4 of his people saw it and didn't catch the error, not that he himself made the error... Wouldn't he be terribly hilarious if the subordinates he threw under the bus were products of the same Indiana Pubic, I mean Public school system? If only I could've done the interview myself, I definitely would've asked. Reading is Fundamental People, Quit Spelling Like Imbeciles.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mixtape Review: Airborne – Diggy Simmons


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Diggy Simmons has really Surprised me, a HUGE HipHop Critic, on his latest Mixtape Entitled "Airborne" released just 1 week ago. The way Dig flows is incredible enough on its own but the fact that he embeds it with actual content is pretty impressive for someone of any age, let alone a 15year old. Now Diggy is not your typical young rapper with a Gimmick and rapid fire punchlines but much more of a member of the youth speaking on Life, Women and Society while trying to get his message out to the public. I thought with him being young that he would be made to go the route of Success BowWow or Lil Romeo took but i was definitely Proven wrong. I Give the Mixtape a B- overall for it's a great Flow, Delivery and Content. I will be checking for the Next Diggy Mixtape whenever he drops it to see if he has improved any.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top 5 Disliked Sports Celebs


The Q Scores company, an organization that was designed to investigate and determine marketability (for TV programming, advertisement sponsors, etc.) released their lists and the "Top 5 Disliked Sports Figures of 2010".

1) Michael Vick

Man o Man… I bet you didn't know people cared about dogs so much, did you? Mike Vick not only found out the hard way that there is no honor amongst thieves, but that karma comes full circle to bite you in the A$$…how ironic. His 2007 Interstate Dog Fighting version of UFC and abuse charges are still following him 3 years later, to where he is despised by a majority of the samples taken amongst sports fans nationwide.

2) Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods? I wonder why? SMH. Tiger Woods has shared the top positive spot with Michael Jordan since anyone in the company can remember, but has now made his way to the top of this "naughty list" due to his infidelity expose’. Guess someone is getting coal for Christmas from Santa this year… Oh yeah, and that whole eternal damnation thing for breaking the 7th commandment. So Tiger has not only lost that $100 million to his wife, he is set to lose current and future endorsement deals because of this released poll. That must’ve been some BOMB sex.

3) Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson & Terrell Owens

Arguably the two most consistently dramatic and controversial players mentioned in the media, it’s no surprise they are on the most disliked list. But I can probably guarantee they are also on the most watched too. People LOVE drama and its like hearing a car screeching with these two, you don’t want there to be a catastrophe… but you have that little part inside of you that hopes there is and can’t miss it

5) Kobe Bryant
kobe4 kobe
Now this one actually surprised the hell out of me. I mean I know teams hate guarding Kobe on the Court but in public opinion? Really? But then again the Colorado accusation and Infidelity of 2003, the constant Kobe/Shaq beef of… Forever, the Whining during games to get calls… it could all contribute. But then again it could be as simple as those 5 rings he’s sporting and the fact that he’s the best player since Jordan to ever play the game. The greatest ALWAYS gets Hated.

Oh and of Course the Honorable Mention, at #6 (again, Irony)… Mr. Lebron “Tell em Why You Mad” James.
Just the mention of his name in a Cleveland arena will get you at least Verbally attacked. Check out this video from the Yankees/Indians game Over the Summer as a fan wears a LeBron #6 Miami Heat Jersey


lebroncleave Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, LeBron. Your “Taking Your Talents to South Beachin, I’m Talented but aint got the Rings to Prove it lookin, No Delonte, My Mom isn’t home but What Difference does it make? asking" rumor behind has is now flip flopping between Hero and Villain amongst Public Opinion. Me Personally, i dont care where he plays, the dude is a MONSTER, but making his announcement on TV was a bit overdone. Society built him up and put the “King” on a Pedestal and are now angry that he resides there in Regal Vanity. LeBron raped your hope to go play with a Superstar Pack of Negroes, and it’s your own fault… No Mel Gibson. Be on the Look out December 2nd for the Televised meeting of the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers in Ohio. I will because it should be VERY interesting how it turns out. I’m thinking like that Pistons/Pacers fight… I mean game, I’m watching for the great ol basketball competition.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Proposition 23: Jobs Or Health

Sacramento Skyline

Have you guys heard of what's going on in Sacramento?

In Nov there is a vote going on to suspend a bill (Global Warming Act of 2006) that voted to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions back to the levels of 1990 by 2020. That is an INCREDIBLE accomplishment with all the industrialization that has occurred in the last 3 decades. Right now Sacramento is one of the Top 5 cleanest cities in the US and they aimed to created 100,000 new "Green" Jobs in promoting a better Health Living Environment to its citizens and the Smog free landscape the Local Governments are proud of. So why is this being brought up for debate?

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