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Beasthood Incorporated is something I started for determined individuals who know the difference between Reasons & Excuses. Things in life will hit you at the most unexpected times and what I've noticed is that lack of Preparation is the reason we take so long to get back on track. Therefore, your biggest enemy... is You. You can now begin to sit there and think to yourself, "This negro don't know me" and come up with a billion and one EXCUSES as to why you aren't at least on the path of where you want to be, OR... you can name the very few REASONS why and then formulate a plan to overcome them. 
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Relationship Advice from someone Single? Nah...

I mean honestly, how the hell can someone who doesn't have a boyfriend/girlfriend possibly give any relevant advice to be taken seriously? I mean if you're not in the situation you can't provide intelligent input right? That's why only sick Doctors can help patients, that's why they only allow female Plastic Surgeons to give Breast Implants, that's why rich folk never listen to their financial advisers or accountants because how could they possible give them good advisement if they themselves aren't as rich as their employers, right? 

If you haven't noticed by now I'm implying you are stupid by using sarcasm. The validity of someone's advice should have all to do with the content of their advice, not the assumed position you think they are in. Good Advice is good advice no matter who gives it so don't ignore something just because your ego is too inflated to evaluate without bias, that's a mental handicap on your part. There are many people are single because they are strong enough maintain their standards instead of settling for someone beneath their requirements for the simple sake of saying "I got me a Him/Her." And furthermore, the people who made mistakes, that they learned from, will probably be able to give far better input to those in general situations then someone who has never done so. I mean how smart and quick on your feet do you have to be if you've never had anything go wrong or you've been in a long standing arranged marriage, Hmm? Keep in mind... On the road to success in whatever endeavor, Finances, Relationships, Parenting etc, its best not only to listen to those who made it with no issues, but seek those who hit potholes so that you can make attempts to avoid them or learn to bounce back. Make Sense? 

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fire & Desire / Inferno of Love

Inferno of Love - Fire and Desire

Inferno of Love

Smudge my lipstick with your burning essence,
Set fire to my skin, bring on the pain,
Engulf my body with your fiery pleasure,
Be the inferno to my lust and lets make it flame.

Just one touch baby, Just one touch.
You know My candle can't wait to feel your flame.
Just one touch baby, Just one touch.
I'm melting, sweltering from mess between my legs.

You leave my body erupting in Iconic combustions,
I'll ignite the flames of hell if you ever walk away,
This is more than touching and sinful lusting,
It's your love scorching my heart in every way.

So, just one moment, Please, just one moment.
Say you're mine and that you'll never walk away.
Just one moment, Please, just one moment.
Be the kindle to my candles burning flame.
Fire and Desire

You Spark an interest that's everlasting,
Fuel a fire that cannot be tamed,
Let me envelop you in blazing passion,
Backdraft with lust and lets make a flame.

Just one touch baby, Just one touch.
You wrapped around my wick, cant wait to feel your flame.
Just one touch baby. Just one touch.
I ain’t puzzled by the puddle left around my base.

You make me feel gassed up when I’m pumpin
Exploding in you is winning I could never lose.
This is more than touching and sinful lusting.
Its your Love cauterizing my hearts wounds.

So, just one moment. Please, just one moment.
Say you're mine and that you'll forever stay
Just one moment. Please, just one moment.
Be the kindle to my wick and its burning flame.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top 5 Things My Parents Taught Me To Teach My Kids


5) Game Night
At least once a month gather the family together for an enjoyable, tech free day/evening of board/card/team games to direct and indirectly teach EVERYONE, not just the kids, how important family should be. This also teaches how to be a respectful winner, gracious loser and even get better at witty retorts because you gotta talk trash but not cross the line and get popped. Hone those trash talkin skills early.

4) Dinner Time
We will eat together, Not only literally but metaphorically. Breaking bread with your people is something your kids should know and understand in every sense that it is used. The time invested in putting in the work necessary to be able to eat a hot meal should be honored, respected and appreciated. Eating whole meals daily is not a luxury i had growing up, so being able to ensure my kids don't take that for granted is highly important.

3) Allowance is to be Earned, Not Expected
I never got a traditional allowance every week or month, and to be honest never even asked for it. When my parents gave us money it was a business proposition really. What's funny is both parents did it independently of each other, they weren't together at the time.

While getting bored with how easy school was grades started slipping because i me and my older bro spent time being class clowns and town miscreants, so he made a deal. At the end of semester when we got progress reports in elementary thru high school, he created a monetary scale in lieu of allowance. If we got A - $20, B - $10. A C we got nothing, BUT... A D resulting in us owing $10 and an F $20. At 6-8 classes each, i looked forward to that $140 4 times a year. Never got the max every time, but made me work harder in school the entire time. I learned that sometimes doing good doesn't matter to folks. You have to motivate them with what THEY WANT, and make the means to an end thru what they should be doing. Eventually, hopefully, they will learn valuable lessons along the journey you've embarked them on. Clearly i did and gained tons of knowledge on the way
I wanted to play in a soccer league in my town, it cost $30 and there were exactly 31days left to register and i asked her to enroll me. She said lets make a deal, you clean your room, do your chores without me having to ask you, i will give you $1 a day and you can pay for it yourself.

I of course made it like 2 weeks, got lazy, stopped and the end of the month only got $14 and couldn't join. Lesson learned, if you not ready to put in the work, you not worthy of the reward.
(Sidenote: i also started and organized my own soccer league after school with friends that i didn't tell her about which ended up in me getting the ass whooping of my life for lying to her about why i wasn't home on time everyday when she called from work. A Jamaican woman had to stop her from beating me because it was so bad... A JAMAICAN. You may not understand the significance unless you got island family, But i digress...)

2) Expose your kids to religion, don't enforce it
I think what many people do is try to make their kids follow their practices instead of allowing them to. Everything i learned about every religion in existence involved free will. Why take away from your child what your God gave everyone? Even if you don't believe in religion, just spirituality or hell nothing at all, why make them follow you? The very fact you have to force them to instead of explaining why it works for you and why they should try it should open your eyes to the fact that you need to get yourself right mentally. Because clearly you don't have faith in your own ways. Be tolerant and open minded so your kids wont choose their faith or lack thereof ignorantly.

1) Make fear of disappointment worse than physical pain
No matter the amount or severity of whoopings i caught from Pops, Moms, Uncle Mike, Aunt Dollie, Aunt Linda, yeah I'm naming names, eff that (don't beat me tho, for real that's not cool, I'm grown), nothing compared to the immense amount of terror i had/have in letting them down by not being the best i could be. I'm not allowed to be a failure because of them. Regardless of any personal flaws they had they instilled great ones in me that will last GENERATIONS beyond me. I don't want my kid to be afraid of the beating they will receive for getting caught doing something dumb, i want them to not feel its worth risking having me look at them with anything but Pride & Joy for a dumb act in the first place.

But best believe they will still be getting that behind whooped...

What you thought this was? Just cause I'm droppin knowledge don't mean you aint getting popped future kids. Act stupid if you wanna, i been practicing hitting other peoples kids on the sly for years. Try me.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WorldstarHipHop… Cops



  • You have the right to remain stupid.
  • Anything you post can and will be used against you in a court of law.
  • You have the right to consult an attorney before risking your freedom for cyber popularity.
  • If you cannot afford an attorney, Sah Dah Tay.
  • Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to keep being sheep?


I’m sure this website is not new news to anyone under the age of 35 by now. The site where all random cellphone video captured fights, “ratchet” chicks dancing and your favorite thug artists are doing drugs, drinking expensive liquors and various other parole violating activities to show their fans how “Real” they are. Idiots. It seems to me ignorant Hip Hop artists utilize “Free Speech” as a method to rid themselves of this basic human right that was once a luxury to even have in the first place which is why Hip Hop Culture even exists right now in the first place. Irony at its prime.


I know a couple times on my blog I seem like a conspiracy theorists but I study people, all the time. And you know the dumbest way to enforce your authority over someone? With brute force. Think of all the cultures that used all out force to attack, subdue and control their enemy… what ALWAYS HAPPENS? Revolution, Anarchy, Collapse. But what if you remembered this simple universal truth, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, creed, gender, sexuality… Ignorance is Bliss. Why even tell people they are enslaved? Hear me out…

When you have a group of folk and oppress them, they bind together to overcome ignoring differences to unite and fight against a common evil. Every.. Single.. Time. When you get your back to a wall eventually you have no choice but to fight to survive. Too much to gain with seemingly nothing to lose, Anarchy.

Now when you are too lax in authoritative force you get a group of the few that feel they can do a better job than those in power, and start a militia to overthrow in a lust for absolute power. Too much to gain with seemingly nothing to lose. Anarchy.

But what if you, the one in absolute power, instead created a system in which the oppressed feuded with the oppressed? Where the people with nothing to lose constantly kept each other from uniting without as little outside influence as possible? What if a overseer simply injected hot topics and influencers that people with nothing who craved power chose to revolt against that while giving others power and the immense desire to not give up the little power they did have?

How does this all relate to sites like WorldstarHipHop? Lets see, you have hood rappers with nothing who did everything possible to hide their drug empires from cops in order to provide for the people around them, using their stories to create new lanes that accomplish this goal, legally, and are now in positions to inspire others to do the same as them but celebrated when they get caught doing the very thing in their lyrics they wrote to make money to stop them from needed to do said illegal activities in the first place. Confused yet? lemme simplify.

If you were a cop, your goal could be to get an undercover in training willing to risk their life, start him/her from the bottom to weasel his way to the deepest levels of the criminal empire gaining pertinent information with wiretaps, video surveillance along the way so that they could eventually testify after years upon years of work to bring down the head boss. OR… you can just make it “cool” to tell on yourself by filming your self doing so and submitting it to a public forum voiding any expectation of privacy and use a persons own words/actions against them.

Like I said, I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but if you are a real Hip Hop fan, of the culture, not just the music.. what part of the game is encouraging your “idols” who made it out the hood to get caught doing stupid stuff to get wrapped back into that life? Sounds like undercovers to me. Or maybe I am crazy and if this were true there would be TONS of evidence pointing to this actuality… in unrelated news, peep the below quote.


“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist.” ~Charles Baudelaire


stop snitch


I’m gone.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Raising Minimum Wage: Great Idea or Great Demise?

$7 and some change an hour, seems crazy that people are living off of this huh? I did at one point, it was not fun by any means. Ramen noodles, hot dogs and bread were pretty much my entire diet. So of course seeing Obama talking about getting Congress to raise this to $9 seems like a no brainer great idea right? Eh, i disagree.

Quick history on why this logic is sound. Way back when Henry Ford had an idea, if I pay my employees more than I need to for them to get by, they will have more disposable income and be able to actually afford the cars they make therefore increasing sales and profit.

This time frame when such pseudo-altruism was working is not the same culture we have and allowed to diminish to. The average worker doesn't want to support/invest in their company, work hard or plan for the future. Hell the average consumer would support foreign brands & companies if the price was slightly cheaper. Outsourcing isn't a corporate thing, its as American as Apple Pie now. (Whatever that means).

So to me, raising unemployment rate that sharply does 3 things

1) Rewards the many people (not all) who have no ambition to work hard and get a job making more than minimum wage.
2) Alienates everyone who did work hard to get promotions and positions that make $9-10 an hour now who are not receiving that same $4,000 yearly increase in wages.
3) Forces businesses to make a tough decision: raise prices to accommodate higher average wage or lay people off to cut expenses.

Are you going to keep shopping at the same stores if their prices go up noticeably?  If so, that's equivalent to you getting a pay cut to support this minimum wage increase. You ok with that?

Are you going to mind if you bring less money home when taxes go up because unemployment rates increased after you shifted to online shops instead of local anymore because prices went up?

We the people have shown businesses far too often that workers are expendable if it means the price is cheaper to the consumer. The only way to fix this is the people, government is not equipped to regulate a fix. You want businesses to hire more people? Shop there more often. Go to the brick and mortar store, not the online shop (even if its the same company). Create a demand for more workers, more managers, more stores and more opportunities for higher wages instead of more handouts of them.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flu Shots… Nah, Im Good.


Now I’m not all for conspiracy theories and all but this right here? Man listen. We all know the flu comes round every year, I’m sure we are not interested in know how or why it comes seasonally, that isn’t the issue though. What I do know is how vaccines work. You are basically purposely infected with part of the very microbe you are trying to not get in a watered down form so your immune system creates defenses against it. This would be cool, if the Flu didn’t mutate and evolve so frequently.


Problem with people these days is we super medicate everything making our immune systems seemingly stronger, but when it boils down to it makes the very diseases we trying to eliminate evolve far faster than we ever can. What this means is diseases, like any other living thing, have to adapt or perish to survive. So essentially what we are doing is FORCING a living thing to breed to acclimate to its environment, a process that takes many generations, thousands of years in some cases, into doing so yearly. The “bug” is getting stronger and stronger, we are breeding Super Predator diseases by throwing mixtures of chemicals in our bodies.


But on the conspiracy theory side…..

Do you even know what is in your medicinal cocktail? You just figured “if doctors said it, must be cool?” I guess. In the age of information we sure do avoid finding it as much as possible because mad folks get sicker than Flu Symptoms from getting the flu shot… how that make sense? and many people STILL get infected. Furthermore lets be real, in the US we do not have free health care, yet FluShots are given out every year, by random stores, not even doctors offices, stores like CVS, Walgreens and such with no financial benefit? eff that, I am not naïve enough to believe that. yall being tested on as far as I'm concerned, have fun in Tuskegee Part 2. If you don’t get the reference, shame on you. Research it NOW.

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