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Beasthood Incorporated is something I started for determined individuals who know the difference between Reasons & Excuses. Things in life will hit you at the most unexpected times and what I've noticed is that lack of Preparation is the reason we take so long to get back on track. Therefore, your biggest enemy... is You. You can now begin to sit there and think to yourself, "This negro don't know me" and come up with a billion and one EXCUSES as to why you aren't at least on the path of where you want to be, OR... you can name the very few REASONS why and then formulate a plan to overcome them. 
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

9 Days


9 days

It's been 9 days.

9 days since that 9 grazed ya side,

And 9 days we prayed for you to raise ya eyes...

But 9 ways or prayers been denied.

In 9 days my world's changed from hope,

Cause 1 year past 29 is not the age to go.

Since the time you were 9 I could see you were the type to take control,

A strong spine but a waging soul, wit 9 lives.

Back in 99, I spied you tryna live ya life right but couldn't survive the smite,

Even though you tried to raise me right.

So I strive to utilize what you deprived yourself of,

And that's the knowledge that Hood Respect don't coincide wit’ Self Love.

I need you to be selfish for yourself its- Fight or Flight,

And right now you need to fight for Life.

And even though it just might be- slightly- coincidental,

Since I heard the news new views switched my mentals.

So you can't hit the casket before you hear my kids calling me daddy, Uncle Moe and Trose

Barely speak but I know we close, so far.

We closed off due to tough decisions during close calls.

Didn't write each other, but we were never wrote off.

I'm so lost,  ‘cause When I close my eyes

I see 1 .357, or a 9

going through ya Liver- in my mind, while you are living through ya Prime.

So I just need you to rise so I can say...

“Bro, We made it through those Odds.”

And oddly enough, regardless of the outcome or my luck

you'll probably never get to read this, Cause we just- perpetually dysfunct.

Plus- I know that traditionally showing Love is not conducive to ya thug.

So I'll just say, Whoever responsible gonna have to kill me too if we gotta pull ya plug.

Or else they gonna have to suffer…

for at least...





Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Renunciation" by Johnny Magnum

Let me enunciate it
Abjuration of faith in the greatness woven in my seams of Fate,
Cause all I seem to see is a buncha hatred.
Only one begotten son in faith,
well I say fuck being ya favorite.
I see how you treat ya Loved ones
and it makes me want to become one wit Satan.
At once I wanted a savior,
But now I want to be the one you save them from.
See I gave you respect
and tried to do what you'd expect of me,
in turn just begged for you to be hospitable.
But that you didn't do,
you just gave me increasing stress,
unequivocal to anything I've ever felt
and felt the need on thanksgiving morning to leave me mourning
while my brother laid gone in the hospital too.
So God, tell me what I should be thankful for
And if there's silence, then say no more...
We're done here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pastels by Johnny Magnum


My way of wishing @TopSy_CurvEE a Happy Birthday



Pastels - Happy Birthday Twi

Significant beauty,

Significance truly is embedded

in the unique Blends of Pastels

comprehended by the Iris lens,

It leaves Special Effects in Awe

The artisticness is scientific,

it's the simplisticness that perplexes

Because the complexities are defectless

when the impurities left in are detected;

It’s The Perfect Flaw.

So if you think its merely

a Gorgeous Painting of a Flower

you're just not getting the Arts gist.

Its more of a Story of Glorious gifts

that reside in the Heart, Mind, Soul

and physical Beauty of the Artist.

She is the Pastels.




Artwork hand painted by @TopSy_CurvEE.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Yin Yang You by Johnny Magnum




Yin Yang You by Johnny Mag


yinyangShe is, I ain't
She's full, I'm blank
She spends, I bank
She draws... and I paint

She can, I can't
She's calm, I rant
She has qualms, I grant
She's palm... and I'm fingers on the hand


She's coffee, I'm tea
She's blind, I see
She winds, I freeze
She's Her... and I'm Me


She's South, I'm North
She's West, I'm East
She's Unprotected, I'm a Fort
She's the best... for me

It would seem were incompatible,
Probable in fact.
But actually it's Logical,
Because Opposites Attract


     Johnny Magnum white

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Complement vs. Supplement Guide to Dating

dating guide

The opposite of being Happy is not Sad, its Apathy. Many people don't understand why they remain unhappy in pending/current relationships because they don't take the time to evaluate this fact. To do this I have plotted out a simple way to see what type of Qualities you should be looking for in another; so you can not be sad, or numb… but be Happy with someone. 



Complement: to enhance a quality to make complete.

Supplement: to fill a deficiency to make whole, or Perfect.


The deficient part of the white is Supplemented by the black and vice versa while the red Complements the same areas enhancing the abundant portion.


Now while these two sound very similar there is definitely a fine line that makes all the difference in the world between you feeling fulfilled, and you feeling bitter and empty. The first mistake you may have made is not knowing yourself enough to know what you want vs. need in a relationship, Most people only selfishly pay attention to the former. You should not be diving blindly into and relinquishing control of your heart to different people on a whim, Make sure they are even worth your time. To do this you must know your Good and Bad qualities to determine first what you NEED from another person, for them to Complement, or increase the potency of that quality; or Supplement, fill the remaining void you are deficient in that instance.


If you know you are typically frantic in situations, would you want someone like you who complements that, joining in your excitedness making you more frantic? Or someone on the opposite spectrum who Supplements the clear-headedness and Patience you are missing to be able to Calm you down?


If you know you are personally strong willed, hard working and determined for success, do you want someone who will complement that by challenging you, positively, to be better than you are? Or someone who Supplements by being lackluster and uninspired so that you feel more important as caretaker?


Believe it or not these may sound like obvious answers but they aren't. Some people like when everyone is as overly excited as themselves because it registers as engaging and there are PLENTY of people that date people they feel are "safe" out of fear of being left or because it makes sense Logically. The important part is to know who you are so that you can make the right choice BEFORE you get in too far with someone emotionally. If you take a little time every week and be real with yourself, write down a quality you've noticed you have and decide whether its Good or Bad for you, then you can determine the Qualities the Yin to your Yang will need to have to make your union complete. Keep in mind, It’s much easier to find what you seek if you know what you're actually looking for.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Fan of My Fans: @TenaciousTeej - Personally Personified

Teej Fan SignNever have I encountered someone who exemplified the adjective in which they used to describe themselves so Perfectly. Teej, or Boo Thang as I affectionately call her in my mind (shhh, don’t tell on me), is extremely well rounded in the areas of Beauty, Class, Intelligence, Humor, Sexiness and Overall Original Self Expression

If you are looking for “Run-of-the-Mill” then you wont like her, Sorry. If you aren't about Drama she is very easy to get along with and has all the great qualities as a “One of the Fellas” type female friend with all the “Oh What I’d do to her Given the Chance” attractiveness you’d expect from a woman of her Caliber. Go on ahead and hit that Follow button while I’m being nice and sharing with you.

PS: Tell her I sent You
(Brownie Points On Deck)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cause & Effect: Internet Shopping Hurting Your Local Economy


cause effect

In this day and age we have so many avenues in which to reach the information super highway easily that all it takes is a flick of the wrist from Phone in holster to World Gather information on any Product, Service or Question ever asked in the History of our Existence, so why go to Retail Stores to shop when you can research, order, purchase without waiting lines and have everything you'd ever need shipped to you from the comfort of your own home?

Many people don't recognize the negative impacts online shopping, both legal and illegally have done to our Local communities. While it has opened up the markets to Mom & Pop shops to compete on a larger scale because of the trends and misunderstood nature of the common shopper it is set to do far more harm than good.


online_shop[1]Right now Many retail companies are battling with the Business model that you need people to sell products, as crazy as that sounds think about it... Whens the last time you NEEDED a sales person? How often do you go to a store and need no one except a person to point you in the direction of what you need and a cashier to ring you up? How many times have you used the self checkout line instead of an actual cashier even when there is no line in either? How many times have you utilized the Purchase online and pick up in the store option because you've done all your research? It may seem crazy but the Machines that do the self checkout are more profitable than actual people. Hiring a minimum wage employee, giving them benefits and annual raises, break rooms, specific working conditions actually cost companies Billions of Dollars a year when internet can eliminate most costs, checking out millions of people at once and following all best business practices 100% of the time without needing to be trained or Monitored. With the way things are going, you will see far less people in stores and far more Machines to retrieve and ship these internet orders.


money_scale[1]Another HUGE area people don't take into account is Tax revenue. Did you know that if an internet site does not have a Physical Brick & Mortar store in your state that there is no sales tax? That could equate to some very hefty savings from the customer and most would jump right on it, but that is also money taken away from Local Schools, Road Maintenance, the Legal system etc. etc. etc. Aren't we all annoyed with this trend that the annoying out of country Tech Support or customer service agent we have to speak to to get help was a job that could've gone here but Greedy corporations would rather cheaper Labor to pad their pockets? Well guess what? When We purchase things online trying to save a dollar here and there, not recognizing if its an American company we are supporting, then you are that Greedy person using cheap Labor to pad your pockets. Scary huh? You have now become a part of the very same corporate greed community that has setback our communities. And don't even get me started on you Bootlegg Movie and CD people, you will spend $600 on some Fancy European shoes but not $10 to support an artist from YOUR city that you enjoy the music of. You are crippling America but As Long as you look "Fly" I guess it doesn't matter right? Smh.

All I'm trying to point out here is that your community's success is on your shoulders, if you are not willing to reinvest back into it, how can you be mad when the government doesn't either? Step up and go to your local store, spend that extra $3 and purchase locally, get the extra additives that you know you need instead of stealing them all from torrent websites. I'm not saying be a saint, but at least Limit the negative impact you have in your own Neighborhood or else the next time you find you’re not able to get a job because "No ones Hiring" it'll be YOUR fault because the Internet took your job due to cheap labor, not foreigners.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Knowledge In Pain by Johnny Magnum


jm (white background)Secret Pain


Refrain from speaking to me.

The Holy Spirit goes through me but the evil remains a true beast.

I am truly unique and you speak of solidarity, But I'm a rarity.

One of a kind at one with my mind,

You could never invade my thoughts.

Because I react with instinct, I'm distinct,

My distance from despair has never dissolved…

But this solves my need for drama.

I feel Hopeless,

but know this day I need change like Homeless man campaigning for Obama.

With God imma formulate a plan

Cause I can't let another man control my fate like a suicide bomber for Osama.

I don't need 72 virgins in the afterlife,

I just need to know my purpose after life.

I mean I've been forewarned, but I've been so wrong, and its been so long that…

I don't even know what comes after right; So I have to write.

Cause my prayers are in these pages

I’m tryna get to Eden if u seein what I’m sayin.

We following the leader, not even knowin why

Then we tithing 10% but donating zero time.

It seems the Eve of Destruction is the Apple of the Eye

But this is just my food for thought so I thought yall should have a bite.

It shouldn't have to be this literal,

But it’s critical for your spiritual to not cripple to individuals.

Those quick wit views are not always those quick to do the right thing.

So don't assume fools on teletubes choose who Satan’s crew uses to sell a bright dream,

cause see God made the rules and

God made the Blues,

So only Gods fit to choose what your sadness might mean.

It might seem sometimes that he doesn't Love Us,

But when you're all alone and there's Twilight in your zone be thankful…

You could’ve be devoured by Wolves and Blood Suckers.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Whats the Difference? Being Able to: Buy vs Afford

As a finance major in college I found out how to tell the difference verbally in what I always knew instinctively; Its what's called the "Real Cost" of an item. Too often we look to the Price tag of an item and the amount we have in the bank account and make the determination of buying something based solely off that which only leads to uncontrollable debt, overdrafts and inordinate late payment/reconnection fees. So simply put here's the difference:

Scenario 1: You are about to purchase a used car and have saved up $3,000.

In the Able to Buy part of decision making you may start looking at a nice $2,800 Luxury vehicle with low miles in GREAT condition. Sitting in a luxury vehicle will definitely be an ego boost and you know its pretty reliable so it SEEMS like a good buy for you.

But you have to ask if you can actually afford it. What inevitable costs will be bound with the Car that you have not accounted for in the immediate and long term? Is there Sales Tax? How much will you have to pay for car registration? Do you have Car Insurance? How much of a deposit will need to be paid on the car before it can even be registered? How much will insurance be a month and do you have enough in your personal budget to account for it? How much does regular maintenance for the vehicle cost? When will it need to be done again?

Scenario 2: You saved up $300 and want to purchase a new Cell phone and deciding which phone and service you are going to go with.

You might decide you want the latest and greatest phone with unlimited plan and have enough to buy it but again you need to know if you can afford it, not only today, but the rest of the contract term you are signing. Have you checked How much the phone cost upon approval with Tax? Is there going to be a deposit? How much can you afford a month on a phone bill? How much is a carrying case and any other essential accessories you may need?

Scenario 3: You see that your favorite designer is/has released a new shoe, accessory, article of clothing that is unique and a Must have for you.

Now I KNOW yall have all seen this before: a cocky "fashionable" person is wearing some $300 Belt, a pair of $1,000 shoes, $500 purse and/or some gaudy chain/earrings flooding with diamonds but rocking a $5 white t-shirt, some Old Navy $1 flip flops or Flee Market Jordan's and cheap Dingy jeans/shorts yet bragging about their ensemble... word? Witcha Broke Self. If they could’ve afforded it then there would be no need to brag because it would be normal and your entire wardrobe would be of an equivalent nature. See the difference now?

Once you calculate the "Real Cost" of the items you are purchasing you may realize that the thing you can buy is something you actually can't afford to keep. There's nothing worse than buying a new car, phone device, clothing etc. that you broke the bank to get and can't even utilize because there's something else you need to make it look or work proper. Then to make matters worse some over extend themselves to do so and sacrifice something they need for something they want and end up in a cycle of "robbing Peter to pay Paul". Don't fall victim to the approval you seek from others with material things.

Able to Buy vs. Able to Afford

Don’t just jump from A to B, make sure you cover A to A.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Are Your Thoughts: Mandatory Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients



In Florida, as of July 1st, any adult applying for State/Federal aid will have to take and pass an illegal drug screening, at their own cost, before receiving their funds.

As of now their are two main arguments but I want to get everyday peoples thoughts on this matter. A few key points:

Families who paid and did not test positive for drugs will be reimbursed the funds they spent

Testing Positive does not disqualify you from receiving funds, you will simply have to name another person, who tests clean, and will agree to take responsibility for the Benefits.

Those who disagree feel that requiring drug tests on people, without probable cause, receiving governmental aid will inevitably spread to anyone receiving Financial Aid or Grants up to and including college students, science labs and elected officials.

On the other side, People for this revision feel like people are abusing the Food Stamp assistance to receive funds and trade them for cash for drugs while the kids suffer further with no progress for the families.

I want to know how you all feel about this Law that has been enacted as a Drug Deterrent and if it is worth the precedence set allowing the invasion of privacy to tax paying citizens.

Full Article: http://on.cnn.com/jkYUOm

What Are Your Thoughts: US Food Stamp Program



I've always thought we need to take care of those less fortunate so I fully support the existence of the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) which many know as Food Stamps. I do have family members on it and they truly need more help then we are able to provide them as a family. What I have noticed is that the amount of people going on it is increasing faster than unemployment. Below I have researched and compiled some basic facts about the last 5 years of benefits paid along with basic rules to become eligible.


As the amount of people in the household increase the amount of Gross income allowed to be considered for Benefit payouts will at a rate of about $406 per person per month starting at $1174 ($14,000/year Gross).



Able bodied Adults without dependents in the house will only be allowed to receive benefits between 3months and 3years depending on specific income and situation. This is typically the plan College students will be on to supplement Food Plans and temporary solutions for people laid off or in between jobs needing a helping hand.




The minimal monthly benefit paid is $200 and raises slight for every dependent member of the household (rises approximately $143 per person on average). This number is based of the estimation that people spend about 30% of their net income on Food & Nourishment a month.


The National Average of benefits received per person is approximately $133 per person ($289 per Household). This is 140% of what it was in 2006 (a huge 22% jump occurred between 2008-2009 while the rest was a steady 1-6% increase year over year). 

Average Benefits Paid (per person) Per Month by State (2006 - 2010)

Average Benefits Paid (per household) Per Month By State (2006 - 2010)


I'm interested in a discussion so please comment and subscribe to the article so we can collect and share ideas.

Additional Facts:

  • In Washington D.C. & Mississippi more than 20% of citizens receive benefits
  • As of Nov.2009 1 in 8 adults and 1 in 4 children are using the Food Stamp Program
  • Over 20,000 people per day apply for benefits 
  • Number of People Participating has increased more than 4 million from Previous year. Chart of Rise of Members Receiving Benefits
  • Benefits Paid to qualifying members has increased 214% since 2006 from 30 to 64 Brillion (Paid for with your Taxes) Benefits Paid Out (2006-2010)


So, now armed with the data, how do you know feel about Food Stamp Benefits? Answer a few questions in a sentence or two:

1) Do you feel the amounts paid out For Food Items are more or less than necessary for a typical household? Are they more or less than your own grocery bills?

2) Do you think the current time frame of 3 to 36 months encourages dependency on the program for unemployed able bodied adults?

3) Do the payout amounts & Income limitations per person/household indirectly encourage people into having more children/dependents and/or not seek better paying jobs?

What Are Your Thoughts?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Why Did God Let it Happen?


I had a discussion with a friend recently about the topic of religion and Gods responsibility and/or accountability in events of an unfavorable Nature. I know many people, including myself at one point, that asked these same kinds of questions. I mean think about it, Have you ever asked yourself:

Why do bad things happen to Good People?

Why do Innocent People get Hurt?

Why do the good Die Young? etc. etc. etc. 

These questions are so meaningful that many Religiously Neutral/Agnostic/Atheists use it as the sole basis in which they choose not to be Religious/Spiritual. Since of course I cannot speak directly for God, I want to even the Plane on a Human level to help explain, and assist in spread the clarity that I have been lucky enough to attain.


Free Will:

To begin to understand, you must first realize that EVERYONE has a Choice. If you can't come to terms with that then stop reading now. Most of us are not Drones (or at least shouldn't be), and have the full mental capacity to know the difference between right and wrong, better and worse, Fair or Biased. Without the choice of making the "Good" or "evil" choice then, in my opinion, Life would be worthless. I mean think about it, what if you were NEVER allowed to make a bad decision... Never allowed to step outside the box... Never allowed to do anything that was Biblically considered wrong... Would you really enjoy your current lifestyle? Sex, Smoking, Tattoos, Cursing, hell the manner in which you may jokes would have to stop. Though it sounds good to say, would you really like the world to be “Prefect”? If yes, what if that idea of Perfection was someone who enjoyed the opposite of everything you did… Would your answer still be yes? Not me. 

Helping or Hurting:

Think about someone in your life that ONLY comes to when they need something and avoids the majority of the advice you provide them so they fall into the same problems over and over again... How merciful would you be to their feelings? How long would you continue to help them? At what point do you realize that "Helping" them in the way you are is actually the worst thing you can do for them?

I have been in this position personally with both people older and younger than me but maybe you haven't. If not, you will invariably get to a juncture in life where someone will be using you as a crutch and utilize that fact so they don’t have to worry about making better decisions. Unfortunately some people need to be forced into progress, because in the Tight Rope Walk that is Life, people that come across are more willing to be reckless when you are playing the safety net. They feel why spend time working on their balance if they know you will be there to catch them. If you want them to get better, you must sometimes remove that certainty. With that being said, how many times have we done wrong for days, weeks, months, years, generations and expect God to be a safety net? Maybe you are just being taught a lesson from your own doing, or are a tool in the lesson to others past actions. Forget God & Religion for a moment and ask yourself, Do you understand the Concept of Cause & Effect? Its as simple as that.

(From an article I wrote about Karma available Here)

Just because you didn’t personally do something doesn’t mean a chain effect wasn’t set in motion. This is why we cant simply be good on our own, we must encourage others to make better decisions too because it could effect us later


We too often don't want to take accountability for our own actions because of the difficulty of responsibility involved but act as if we don't understand the weight of the duties to the decisions we avoid. On earth we play God everyday creating and destroying Life without so much as a second thought but swear as God we could do a better job. How does that make sense to you? I mean you do know about the bacteria, insects, animals, plant life etc. destroyed as a necessary evil for the survival of the Masses right? If so, why are you confused that evil is necessary for Good to exist? Its around us everyday perpetuated by the very people complaining of its existence. Ignorance will NEVER be a good enough excuse, self reflect and make sure you are PERFECT before complaining or you have to roll with the punches just like everyone else, Holy or Not. But don't make asinine comments saying that the existence of bad events proves God doesn't exist, because the death of All Life would cure any Evil... Is that better or worse for Mankind?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top 12 Chemically Contaminated Produce



Fruits and Veggies aren't always as healthy as they appear, further making it harder to balance out the food pyramid. While watching the news today I saw that the Environmental Working Group found out domestic Apples, grown right here on US soil, are the MOST chemically contaminated of all Produce available in our local grocery stores amongst all available in the COUNTRY. This is so crazy to me because we are basically bringing chemical warfare to our own people in the interest of saving money. These Pesticides and other chemicals used to help grow and protect these crops are already harmful and cancer causing to Adults, but imagine all the kids that end up with development issues from eating these same chemically infused, somewhat unnatural foods. I know it’s a little more expensive, but when I have kids I will definitely invest in Organic Fruits and Veggies for them in their younger years. The full Top 12 “Dirty Dozen” list is listed below along with the Top 15 Clean, Pesticide Free Fresh Fruit and Veggie items. Bon Apetite


top 12 pesticides

Download PDF Pocket Card

Friday, June 10, 2011

Why is It Ok for a Man, but Not a Woman...


The age old question between the genders... "Why is It Ok for a Man to sleep around but when a woman does it, she's a Hoe?" Well the simple answer is, They’re both Hoes. But I'm sure you want a more definitive answer so I have broken in down into the three main reasons why one is more readily accepted as "Normal" amongst the masses. I am in no way saying I agree that it should be this way, I'm simply saying these are observations I have made since everyone asks the question but doesn't provide the answer. Let's answer the proverbial rhetorical question.

Part 1…



If you want to follow this Logic the first thing you must say aloud is "I want to be a Hoe too." If that makes you uncomfortable then you need to reevaluate if this line of thought is really in your best interest.

The term "Hoe" is reserved for ANY PERSON with Superficial means of choosing Sexual Partners, Male or Female. So when you choose to give yourself sexually (Penetration, Foreplay and/or Oral) to someone based solely off a Physical Attraction, Horniness, Financial Gain or Social Approval then yes, you are being a Hoe. This does not matter if you've slept with 65 people or 2, a Hoe is a Hoe beginning at the decision phase... the sexual partner number just denotes severity. Surely the majority of us have probably had our "Hoe Moments" in a time of pure Lust, but when you try to use the Justification "I'm not a Hoe, I'm just acting like a Man" then you are clearly in denial and can't deal with the real consequences of your actions. If you were born a woman, act like it. If you want to be a Hoe too, that's fine, just don't be mad when you are labeled as such.


Part 2… 

gender physiology 

This will probably be the hardest for women to digest but keep in mind I'm speaking in a general sense so it is not 100%, but definitely a Majority. Sex means more to Women then Men (at least in beginning stages). Don't believe me? Imagine the scenario:

An average, well physical/emotionally adjusted man and woman having consistent communication, friendship and sexual relations... Which of the two is more likely to "catch feelings" and develop a stronger emotion for the other then express it first with a want/need for monogamy?

(At this point if you may have started by saying "Well it depends..." which means you already had an answer (Woman) and are coming up with scenarios in which it would go against the norm... Point Proven)

Call it stereotypical, maybe even misogynistic if your being overly dramatic, but saying it's false for the general public on a grand scale is flat out unrealistic. I don't know if its natural or if our Patriarchal society makes us this way but continued sexual and mental connection builds stronger emotions faster in women than in men (generally). Women will give more of themselves during sex which sometimes binds itself with other emotions that are not controllable, i.e. Love, or simulated feeling thereof. Typically, Men need to be persuaded into seeing it as more than just sex, Women have to remind/distance themselves that its not.


Part 3… 


This may be a little controversial but keep in mind it sickens me too... But in all actuality, the woman is the only person that HAS to deal with Pregnancy.

Getting Pregnant during sex is something that SHOULD be a decision between a man and a woman that will do their best to raise a child in this world, but let's be real with ourselves this is not always the case. Being an optimist I would like to believe that the amount of men that would get a woman Pregnant and then abandon her are slim to none, but I know they are definitely higher than the amount of women who abandon the baby with the father. Now both parents can choose abortion, day after pill etc., so that's equal. But during Pregnancy, a jerk of a "man" can decide to leave while a woman cannot. That's a choice "men" have, albeit sick and demented, its still a choice that women don't. I'm not speaking on it as a positive in any way, shape or form, but its true. Another Scenario:

Woman and man at club, both out of towners, have a one Night stand without exchanging numbers, names or any sort of contact info (not even Twitter Follow for Follows). They used condoms but still 1 month later the lady finds out she is Pregnant, its his but for whatever reason she is completely against abortion and decides to keep the baby. Is the man being less than Honorable for not being in the decision process in this instance?

Not At All, he doesn't even know about the kid. But from one Hoe decision, between a male hoe and a female hoe, who will have a substantial Physical, Emotional and Financial consequence because of it? The Woman, there's no Opinion here, Just fact. Now you can say she has other options, which is true, but the point is SHE has to do it, not Him. Men & Women can be placed on child support, Men & Women can get STDs, Men & Women can get suffer Heartbreak of thinking sex was more than just sex, but only Women get pregnant. So even if BOTH people involved decide to avoid all responsibility, the Woman CAN'T. Facts are Facts, Women have a lot more at stake from Hoe Decisions.



Whether you like what I've laid out or not from an unbiased standpoint its Factually Correct on at least 1, which is the most important, of 3 basis's (Pregnancy) and generally/socially accepted on the remaining 2 of 3. I'm not saying this Justifies men being Hoes, I'm saying don't mimic someone's actions when you have a lot more to Lose from performing such actions, its just not smart. Take pride in being what you are, Hoe or not, and find you a man whose standards match yours. Cool?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blame it on the Alcohol



Just waking up, eye crust on steroids looking like Croutons, headache outta this world, stumbling about with the worst morning breath you've ever had in your life and your whole aura reeks of personal failure... Yup, you just had the best night of your life. Congrats.

The only downside is the drunken texts and calls you attempted while inebriated that made you look like the town fool with No Self Control. Depending on who you are and the people you surround yourself with this may not be far off from the truth. Hopefully it was worth it for you.

People need to remember that Alcohol affects Judgment and Lowers Inhibitions. What that means is the stuff you did/said is the stuff you always wanted to, its just that little voice in your head telling you not to is passed out now. Learn to control yourself when drinking, ESPECIALLY if you know you been fake with people you could potentially contact... You aint gonna do nothin but tell on yourself. Drink in Moderation


Below are some Drunk pictures for you enjoyment









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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here I Lay by Johnny Magnum


Here I Lay...
Wishing for a day to stay in bed and play with our bodies and minds entwined, straddling the line between Love and Lust.
Our trust thus leads to multiple robust thrusts of passion outlasting any of your previous crush touch.
I Can’t Wait......
So I verbally mandate orgasms, cause your pleasures my fan base.
I stand straight and dive with a demeanor to make Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, by comparison, look like I’m starin’ in to an arid suns sand landscape.
There is No One Better......
Cause I aim to get you wetter than swimmin’ in linen at summers beginning.
You tumblin’ and trippin’ over your own words, slurred, blurtin’ absurd curse word verbs, while ya swerve serves me like a happy customer.
And that’s why You’re Gettin’ the Business......
It seems like were never finished, But even in this diminished capacity, I happily have to be glad to see the sun rise over the full moon of your backside, you crack wise and try to escape rapidly;
But I pull You Back to Me......
Cause when I’m in the zone, its not like when we phone bone at home.
It’s so known that I’m gonna roam past ya pink thrones’ palace, until I hear your grown tone moan while I hone my homegrown talents.
The perfect balance between Love and Lust thrusts me onto cloud nine without ever being flown.
She holds her own, but let it be known my own clone couldn’t satisfy the fire inside.
Its not pride, I can see it in her eyes.
Then I reside beside her and I’m prone to let out a pleasure moan groan, but lo and behold my soul controls and can only compose a mere sigh...Why?
Because Here I Lie........Alone

Johnny Magnum white

Monday, January 3, 2011

Perfect Imperfection by Johnny Magnum

Perfect Imperfection_1

I have not yet found you, But I know you’re there,

The woman who I will Love, and only for her I will care.

I will do everything for her I can, and her for me,

Two sides to a perfect circle that create unity.

We will have problems only each other can solve,

And us being together can make the world revolve.

When she is weak, I will be her spine,

She is the Yin to my Yang, and the 6 to my 9.

Together we will only get better with Time,

She is the Perfect Imperfection, and she will be Mine.

                                            Johnny Magnum white

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