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Beasthood Incorporated is something I started for determined individuals who know the difference between Reasons & Excuses. Things in life will hit you at the most unexpected times and what I've noticed is that lack of Preparation is the reason we take so long to get back on track. Therefore, your biggest enemy... is You. You can now begin to sit there and think to yourself, "This negro don't know me" and come up with a billion and one EXCUSES as to why you aren't at least on the path of where you want to be, OR... you can name the very few REASONS why and then formulate a plan to overcome them. 
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Monday, November 26, 2012

“I Need a Fix” by Johnny Magnum



I need a fix..
and the way you struttin’ in them heels raises yo sex appeal
to the point i feel i wanna rip off your panties, kneel,
stick out my tongue and.. whew.. for real...

I need a fix..
cause that lustful feeling you provide when i see your thighs squeezed in them tights
makes me wanna divide them and.. *sigh*

I need a fix..
plus that waistline is callin' me, so i phone for that facetime,
the apple on your back got me wanting to take a bite out then smack,
bend you over and tap that from beh... man.

I need a fix..
and those perfectly shaped breasts that sit up with proper posture on your chest
got me wanting to caress them and press them together then get 'em slick
and bisect them with my Di... shit.

I need a fix..
wit them lips you got? Dag, and I'm mad that you got me feenin' to feel 'em on my shaft
and I know you won't stop cause you's a bad mutha..
Let me shut my mouth.

Cause i need a fix...
So when you gonna fix that?
You busy tonight?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Did the Media make em do it? pt 2 (in-depth analysis)


This is a continuation of the article posted on The Info Soup blogsite pertaining to the Colorado Shooting that happened


Something I’ve noticed is that many criminals tend to cite music, movies and videos games as reasons they’ve committed crimes in the manner they have. After a while you have to ask yourself, are they as crazy as the news and police make them out to be? or is there a degree of truth to the controlling nature of where we have been pushed to the brink of mentally and emotionally thru marketing?

Check out some notable Current Events in the news.


Penn State Scandal

We all know of the lifetime of pedophilia Sandusky did to them kids under the willfully ignorant eye of what seems to be the entire administration, community outreach program and local government, but how many 'urban' people that boast "Stop Snitchin' were pissed at these happenings? Seems hypocritic doesn't it?

How does this relate? Well, washed up artists who emancipate themselves from Major labels of many genres are constantly speaking on how they are/were puppets to their Corporate Labels no? You really think the label that keeps your favorite musicians in the limelight won't bend them to their will to control the Public? You really think you determine what is "in" these days? If so, why has Hip Hop just so happened to have migrated from speaking on Trends of the streets to motivate the underdog low social class to change for betterment to telling you to spend your hard earned money you live check to check on so you can purchase all foreign made goods where the Label more than likely has stocks in Corporations that operate sweatshops there? Sound too complicated? Let me simplify... "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."


If you think I'm whacked out my brain just remember lil tidbits of info like this:

Run DMC made a song called "My Adidas" because of the shell toe'd shoes they liked to wear before they made it big which landed them a 7 figure promotional deal.

Jump up to the 90's and companies like Avirex gave out free leather jackets to artists in the limelight such as WuTang and Nas as "gifts" to wear in music videos and at photoshoots that otherwise couldn't afford such brands/items growing up in their lifestyle.

Fast Forward to the new millennium and Busta Rhymes makes a song called "Pass the Courvoisier" which lands his management company a promotional deal yet...
Excerpt from NY Times.com (http://www.nytimes.com/2002/09/02/business/media-hip-hop-sales-pop-pass-the-courvoisier-and-count-the-cash.html)

And now you got artists rapping specifically about Companies they own or own stock it. Riddle me this, outside of photoshoots When the last time you seen JayZ in a Roca-a-Fella fit? Puff Daddy in Sean John? I'll wait..... Am I still buggin now?

What brought about this change around the same time the artists reached elite corporate status levels of business? Another astonishing act of happenstance? Or were they now in the ranks of those who know the "unknown"? (And not that illuminati crap either, we talking real Life stuff.)

Artists went from writing lyrics about things they enjoyed normally, to things they wanted but couldn't afford so they'd get free samples, to being paid promote things they care nothing about and now they invested in companies to produce stuff they don't use to influence their listeners to purchase items to help them line their own pockets. You telling me they don't do this KNOWING they have complete control over people? Man listen...



2012 Batman Movie Theater Massacre

Okay okay okay I already know you're like How the hell does this shooting have anything to do with the media or entertainment or corporate Greed, you "reaching". But before you spazz and tell me I'm crazy lemme just let me reiterate some interesting facts for you to extrapolate (not assume) info from.

As we saw above Corporations will easily spend 1-3% of their gross income on Marketing their product(s).

Through Bombardment and Subliminal methods they push products to the public in ads, product placement in shows/movies, payouts and "gifts" to musicians for mentioning them in songs, inclusion in popular video games etc etc etc.

Now peep this...

Members of the sport sporting community, hunters and recreational Target shooters account for $5.5 billion.

The gun industry generates nearly $31 Billion dollars a year in revenues in the US alone... And that's just the Legal stuff not including state & federal governmental contracts.
Cited from: http://www.reloadbench.com/gloss/impact.html

Again: Corporations will easily spend 1-3% of their gross income on Marketing their product(s).

You ever seen a Handgun commercial during Love & Hip Hop ATL? Ever been emailed a Black Friday sales circular on Discounted Bullets? How do certain guns become so popular to people that have never owned one? You think Gun Manufactures are the only Corporations in the world that don't use the same exact Marketing ploys that every other successful major worldwide company uses and still outsells them? Or is it that you are bombarded so hard with it that you are oblivious? Think about it...

Where do most teenagers learn about guns? Where is it they can see which ones work best? Isn't word of mouth still the one of the most effective forms of advertisement? So how is this happening? Where do you hear about/see guns the most? News? Hip Hop? Country Music? Video Games? Movies? You'd be crazy to think the Gun industry isn't using these same avenues to influence consumers into buying their products over the competitors. What better way to show the deadly real world applications of weapons you make then to see them in action on Living beings?

Nah, maybe I am just the far fetched conspiracy theorist, no country would allow such course of action as to unleash weapons onto the public just to see how deadly they were to prove a point in a pissing match... Right?




Also, peep game. I listen to lots of Hip Hop and dabbled in random country songs ex-girlfriends forced me to listen to (don't judge me, she had a 30inch waist and 48inch booty) and the most popular guns are all made from 8 manufactures of 1,100. Another bout of chance that every rapper/country star over the last 15 years from different regions all used/use the same low quality street guns but drive half million dollar cars? Okay then.. There's just no convincing you. This is all an illusion.


PS: for those thinking "The US wouldn't do that to it's own people, check out these intriguing facts:

Smith & Wesson - US (acquired after failing to $30million in debt)
Colt - US (Bankrupt)
Winchester - US (closed & reopened in Japan)
Mossberg - US (Native Swedish Owner) - generating $24 million annually
Glock - Austria
Magnum Research( maker of Desert Eagle) - Israel
Heckler & Koch - Germany
Sig Sauer - Germany/Switzerland

How come all the companies that haven't went bankrupt are all out of country businesses... in Europe? Nevermind, its not like Hip Hop artists boast any other products from corporations from this region in their music. I mean honestly, what rapper would talk about German cars, own Swiss bank accounts or boast European clothing designers? That's just dumb... Isn't it?


Hey, I’m not saying people are not in control of their own actions, because I know for dang sure I am, but I can no longer avoid the fact that TONS of people daily are guided solely by what “Popular” culture deems of them without thinking for themselves. I cant believe any further that this is an unexpected by-product, but a desired effect meticulously planned for by the Corporations that profit off the people by any means necessary. There's too much evidence of pattern for this to be a coincidence.


in the words of @TheCosby… #StayWokeDog

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

48 Laws of Power: #10 Git from Round Me

"Infection: Avoid the unhappy and unlucky."

I don't know how many times I've fell victim not following this very important Law but its hard because of my overly protective nature, and I'm sure many of you have too. What it pertains to is people's negative energy, their aura, their Karma, luck or whatever you wanna call it, it's one in the same. Sadness and Depression are diseases; So much so, in fact, medicine exists to cure those who have too much of either... and its a multi-billion dollar a year seller. As living things we tend to sympathize with others doing worse than us out of caring, guilt and/or feel the need to want to be needed and attempt to help the less fortunate. I can't say I disagree with doing this but you MUST do so with better judgment. Let's look a this metaphorically...

Scenario: A man that cannot swim is in a river drowning, flailing at the arms...

What do you do? Seriously, say it aloud.

Now I'm sure most people's first instinct is "Jump in and save him." Which is a very noble idea but let's evaluate.

#1: Can you swim?

Sounds asinine to think someone who can't swim would try to save a drowning person but since we are speaking metaphorically, how many times have you (or someone you know) tried to help someone with an emotional/financial/physical issue that you/them couldn't get out of alone?

Broke people helping other broke people pay bills, "robbing Peter to pay Paul", people who are bad in relationships giving advice to others about keeping a lover happy, Out of shape folk telling people how to lose weight and diet properly... I know I see it EVERYDAY, don't you? Not saying the information/assistance can't be valid, because it very well can, but it definitely fits the scenario.

#2 Can You Do it Alone?

Do you actually possess the necessary ability to help the drowning man, or just the desire to? You want to try and aid someone but end up in a similar predicament doing so, helping them at your own expense.

And what if you dive in but because of your lack of expertise they STILL drown, now what? Now you feel guilty and just traded places, drowning, hoping someone comes along and saves you as you attempted to do for another. But if someone nearby just saw all the events that transpired, you think they will be just as likely to "dive in" and help you the same? If you saw a man run into a burning building to save someone and get thrown out by a fireball explosion would you run in next? I doubt it.

#3 Is it worth it?

This may sound kinda bad but you really must evaluate if helping someone is worth your time. Let's take that same scenario and ask a few questions...

If you can't swim, why you in the river?

Why weren't necessary measures taken to make sure you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place?

Did you do this to yourself on purpose because you get a thrill out of being saved? Or were you trying to drown?

If I risk myself to save you will you just dive back in?

Did someone else do this to you? If so shouldn't I be watching my back because this is someone baiting me.

Are you the one baiting me just so I jump in to save you as you use me to save yourself?

These may sound like I'm "over thinking" but they are quite common occurrences. People put themselves in harms way to get sympathy all the time, and some do so strictly to use that empathy you feel for them to stab you in the back. You've got to train yourself to think faster so you can evaluate situations thoroughly and still have enough time to act accordingly in the best interest of not only the person seemingly in danger, but yourself.

So before jumping in to save someone else from "drowning" in their problems, make sure you can handle the wave of responsibility and repercussions of such actions. Everyone's misery isn't external, they do it to themselves and if you choose to harbor around these people... It will infect your health, luck & blessings too. Lysol your Life, hang out with those who make sure if they can't swim in their ocean of issues that they were fortunate enough to have a boat, smart enough to bring a life raft, hell even those who trained themselves not to panic because they learned how to float. Everyone in danger aint worth the time, energy & risk to assist. So with the inspiration of the ever so wise hood prophet Project Pat...

Don't Save 'em, if it aint worth them being Saved.

Stop Capen

Thursday, July 5, 2012

48 Laws of Power Explained: #5 What do You mean to You?

"So Much Depends on Reputation, Guard it with your Life."

Like seriously, Do you even care about your image or personal legacy? What will you be remembered for? Is a short moment of laughter, temporary happiness or even feeling of vindication at the expense of self respect and dignity that fulfilling to you? Seems that way for most.

Everything you do represents a part of you. The words you say, jokes you make, charity you provide, how you act/react in anger etc all contribute to the image you portray that can and will be used against you. Those who cannot always be in control to project the facade they want to be known for will be demeaned and remembered as the puppet they are.

Being the loudest, most ignorant and most animated is almost NEVER associated with power. "The strong move quiet, the weak start riots.", "Real G's move in Silence like..." and all that good stuff. Showing that adamantly what sets you off only exposes a severe weakness of yours, now we know how to cloud your judgment.

Appear peaceful, remain powerful.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

48 Laws of Power Explained: #18 Solo Dolo

"Do Not Build Fortresses to Protect Yourself, Isolation is Dangerous."

Man, where do I start with this one? Do you even see the implications not only physically but emotionally? How often do you see, or maybe even do yourself, that when you get hurt in a relationship with a lover you immediately go to the IDGAF attitude? That is really the weakest thing for you to but you, at that moment, swear you are most in control. But have you ever noticed the people who employ this method are always the ones perpetually hurt by others and unhappy? Can't be a coincidence.

Don't isolate yourself so much from pain out of fear that you are willing to cut off all Happiness and possible personal progressive opportunities to do so, that is NOT Power.

What other areas do you think isolation leads to a snowball effect of eventual self destruction?

48 Laws of Power Explained

I've been reading, well studying these guidelines to power written by Robert Greene in 1998, It's pretty impressive. At first I thought it was some random collection of common sense google tweets someone turned into book but it is far more in depth than I'd imagined.

Oddly enough, not to sound conceited, but many of the things I read so far in the book are things I naturally do but never really took time to notice why I do them, or why they work so seeing them laid out and explained gave me a lot of insight as to why I succeed in the areas where I do and am seen as a leader and somewhat intimidating to others even upon first meeting.

I'm gonna be posting some random laws I find notable to events I see or experience depending on the days they happen so stay tuned and you might find out some stuff to help you understand or even reform your actions to gain more power in your everyday life. Won't give you all the secrets though, you gotta read for yourself for all that... (That's Laws.. Nah, can't give yall too much too quick) Stay Tune, first post in 30minutes; Law 18: Isolation is Dangerous.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Truth in a Joke…




“Oh man…. I’m just playin…” How many times have we said this after saying exactly what we meant and upon seeing the other party get offended/hurt use the phrase to quickly diffuse the situation? Often huh?


No matter how many frightened to be themselves people will tell you, the jokes you make tell A LOT about who you are as a person. The very way you formulate was is humorous to you speaks to your mental state and, more than likely, past experiences. I mean honestly, how funny are jokes that have no factual/logical basis to them? Don’t you joke best with friends or people you know more about? Why is that?


Joking is also a subtle way for people to show themselves in a manner they feel more comfortable letting out rather than being completely open and vulnerable in a serious setting. Pay more attention to what people say and how they say it when trying to be humorous and you’ll start realizing more about them as a person then you ever would have coming out and asking them directly.


So make sure the next time you get that “LOL'” after a statement from a “friend”, to evaluate the words before it and see how the people you consult with really think.

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