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Beasthood Incorporated is something I started for determined individuals who know the difference between Reasons & Excuses. Things in life will hit you at the most unexpected times and what I've noticed is that lack of Preparation is the reason we take so long to get back on track. Therefore, your biggest enemy... is You. You can now begin to sit there and think to yourself, "This negro don't know me" and come up with a billion and one EXCUSES as to why you aren't at least on the path of where you want to be, OR... you can name the very few REASONS why and then formulate a plan to overcome them. 
Nothing can Stop You, Except You... Like It, Learn It, Live It

Friday, September 2, 2011

Yin Yang You by Johnny Magnum




Yin Yang You by Johnny Mag


yinyangShe is, I ain't
She's full, I'm blank
She spends, I bank
She draws... and I paint

She can, I can't
She's calm, I rant
She has qualms, I grant
She's palm... and I'm fingers on the hand


She's coffee, I'm tea
She's blind, I see
She winds, I freeze
She's Her... and I'm Me


She's South, I'm North
She's West, I'm East
She's Unprotected, I'm a Fort
She's the best... for me

It would seem were incompatible,
Probable in fact.
But actually it's Logical,
Because Opposites Attract


     Johnny Magnum white

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